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How to choose the pipe bending machine to use correctly?

The tube bending machine adopts touch screen and numerical control module, and the dialogue operation is easy. The program is easy to set, the bed structure is stable, and it is not easy to deform. Each file can be set with 16 elbow angles, and the memory can store 16 files. Slow positioning function, stable elbow angle and repeat ability accuracy of + 0.1 degrees. Error message is displayed on the screen to help operators immediately remove. Provide self developed coordinate conversion bending pipe processing value, software can be purchased and installed on desktop computer editing calculation.
 The upper tool holder of the hydraulic pipe bending machine wobble around a fixed axis during the shearing process. Through the lever action, the support point is small, the life of the cutting edge and the machine life can be improved, the whole machine structure is compact, and the stroke of the knife frame can be adjusted without the pole, and the working efficiency is greatly improved.
First of all, what type of hydraulic pump to use the hydraulic pump is related to the oil cylinder, this depends on how large cylinder you use, the general use of CN10 (10 displacement gear pump) is almost the same. If it's better, use YCY series plunger pump (independent variable) to save electricity and strength.

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