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4 Steps tell you how to use Chinese pipe bending machine correctly
  • Refer to the instructions for the use of the electric oil pump.
  • First, the working oil cylinder is screwed into the internal thread of the square block, so that the rear wheels of the oil cylinder are mounted downward on the support wheels.
  • To select the die head according to the outer diameter of the pipe, put the corresponding slot at the corresponding slot on the plunger to the die head, then put it in the corresponding size flower plate hole, then put the upper flower plate cover, insert the elbow into the slot, and then move the fast joint part of the high pressure tubing end to the moving part.
  • After pulling on the joint of the working oil cylinder, the oil drain screw on the electric oil pump is screwed tightly, and the pipe can be bent. After the elbow is finished, release the oil drain screw, and the plunger automatically reset.
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