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Why is the performance of the hydraulic pipe bending machine good? the reason is simple

With the degree of scientific and technological skills and the production and processing requirements of the enterprise, our pipe bending machine tools have been more and more active, including the NC-type full-automatic pipe bending machine and the pipe cutting equipment. The fully active pipe cutting machine for active loading and unloading accepts high-speed servo drives for pipe end forming equipment shrinking machines, and realizes all controlled machining machines.

It is an all-steel welding mechanism, hydraulically driven, vibration to eliminate stress, high rigidity and good rigidity. The hydraulic pressure is made by receiving the main cylinder (secure on the wall plate) for downward shearing and nitrogen cylinder return, thus simplifying the hydraulic system and making the operation more stable.

The upper tool holder of the hydraulic pipe bending machine swings around a solid axis in the shearing process. Through the action of the lever, the fulcrum has a small force, which can improve the life of the cutting edge and the life of the rigid plate. The layout of the whole machine is compact and can be adjusted infinitely. The amount of stroke on the upper tool holder is greatly improved.

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