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The pipe bending machine adopts tungsten steel circular saw blade for cutting. The rotating speed of the machine saw blade is 3200 revolutions per minute. The cut aluminum section is smooth without burrs, and the section does not need to be processed again. The safety performance of the machine is good. Pedal the pneumatic switch, and the saw blade cuts from bottom to top, which is safe and reliable. It is especially suitable for cutting and blanking with required precision such as copper aluminum heat sink. Before pipe bending machine, adjust the cutting tool and clamp the work object. The parking baffle shall be fixed, and the work can be carried out only after the test run in the sequence of clamping, loosening, forward and backward. Which projects do the pipe bending machine need regular maintenance?

1. The optical path lens outside the pipe cutter refers to all lenses outside the laser and inside the pipe cutter, including reflective lens, circularly polarized lens, anti reflective lens and focusing lens. Except for the focusing lens, which is required to be scrubbed once a day, other lenses should be scrubbed once a month to keep the lens clean.

2. The replacement cycle of cooling water in the water cooler is generally 3 months. Check the water volume in the water tank once a month in summer to avoid water shortage in the water tank caused by dry and hot evaporation in the weather, and replenish water in time. When using water cooler in freezing environment in winter, antifreeze should be added to the cooling water.

3. The moving parts of the machine tool of the pipe cutter are precision moving parts, and the long-term reliable lubrication state shall be ensured. Most pipe bending machines use automatic lubrication for regular grease filling. If manual grease filling is adopted, it should be filled once a week.

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