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The role of pipe bending machine is very many, in the automobile industry can play a similar role of jack, some of the main can be used for bending machine equipment can also be used. Of course, according to different use environment, it is also divided into different types, including CNC bending, hydraulic bending and so on. These applications in the construction of electric power, highway and railway construction, as well as Bridges and ships above the use of more. So how to use the pipe bender scientifically? What is worth our attention in the operation process?

First, the tube type should pay attention to the regulation. The bending machine should pay attention not to be too messy when arranging pipes. The whole curvature should be smaller and can be placed as any curve, but the curvature should not be too large, not more than 180 degrees. Because if the bend is large, then the whole tooling will become more cumbersome. In addition, the size of the entire equipment itself is also limited, if the bending is large, then it is very troublesome to operate. We use pipe bending machines to improve efficiency, so any process that interferes with mechanization and automation should be eliminated. We should try our best to let the operator can be simple and convenient operation, rather than cause pressure and heavy work.

Second, pay attention to the bending radius and the condition of the tube die. Because now the tube mold of the pipe bending machine is used with each other, the general principle of use is a tube with a mold, or a plurality of tubes with a mold. But the basic principle is that the bending radius should be fixed, and the bending radius should not be changed at will. In the same diameter, to match different radius bending, otherwise it is easy to cause a waste of modules.

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