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The whole automatic pipe bending machine has good rigidity, stable work, safe and reliable, easy to operate. Through the coordinated control of the CNC system and hydraulic system of the pipe bending machine mold, the ideal bending effect can be obtained. However, we need to understand the inevitable faults encountered in the process of use in order to solve them in time.

1. The main shaft of the automatic pipe bender fails. The pipe bending machine uses adjustable speed motor, the main box structure is relatively simple, prone to failure of automatic pull rod, automatic speed regulating device, etc.

2, automatic tool change device (ATC) failure. In the automatic tool changing device, more than 50% of the faults of the automatic pipe bending machine are related to the automatic tool changing device, which are mainly manifested as: tool library movement, positioning error, unstable clamping of manipulator, unstable clamping of manipulator, large operating error, etc. In case of major failure, the tool change action is stuck, forcing the bend to stop working.

3. Feeding transmission chain failure. Because CNC pipe bending machine guide rail generally uses rolling friction pair, the main reason for the feed chain is that the moving parts can not move, work interruption, positioning accuracy decreases, reverse clearance increase mechanical crawling, this part of the fault can be adjusted by adjusting the motion pair to adjust the motion precision of the moving parts.

4. Failure of supporting accessories. The main reasons of automatic pipe bending machine are: cooling device, chip removal device, guide rail shield, coolant shield, main cooling constant temperature tank, hydraulic tank, etc., failure seriously affects the normal work of CNC pipe bending machine.

5, used to detect the travel switch pressing fault of the moving position of each axis. In order to guarantee the reliability of automatic operation of automatic pipe bending machine, the travel switch is tested for many times. This is also a more common symptom, I hope you can analyze after understanding, know to solve the fault.

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