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At the beginning of each day's work, a comprehensive inspection of the pipe bending machine should be carried out to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the equipment status. The inspection work mainly involves a preliminary inspection of the mold, oil cylinder, mechanical parts, and circuit system of the pipe bending machine, to see if there are any abnormalities in each mechanism, as well as whether there are any debris on the work site. There should be no objects within the rotation range of the bending arm.1、 Preparation before operation1. Check the water cooling system of the pipe bending machine to see if there is any water leakage in the inlet and outlet pipes. If so, identify the cause and repair it to normal. Is there any oil stains in the cooling circulating water pool? The structure of the cooler of the hydraulic pipe bending machine is that the hydraulic oil flows through the entire body and circulates in and out, while the cooling water flows in and out of the copper pipe to achieve the cooling purpose. If oil stains appear, it indicates that there is leakage inside the cooler. It should be promptly checked and replaced to avoid affecting the hydraulic system of the entire pipe bending machine.2. Check if there are any objects on the pipe bending machine that are unrelated to the pipe bending. If there are any, they should be removed in a timely manner to avoid affecting the normal operation of the equipment.3. Check the oil filling holes of the hydraulic pipe bending machine and add lubricating oil. Insufficient or insufficient oil can cause serious wear and affect the accuracy of the equipment.4. Check if the protective device on the hydraulic pipe bending machine is loose. If any abnormalities are found, they should be dealt with before starting the machine5. Check the working area of the pipe bending machine and clean any items that may hinder the work. There should be no oil stains or water stains on the ground to ensure the cleanliness of the workplace.6. During the start-up and trial operation, check whether the mechanical operation is normal, whether the electrical switches are sensitive and effective, and only after everything is normal can it work7. Labor protection must be worn according to regulations, and gloves are strictly prohibited when operating equipment8. Select the mold according to the process requirements of the processed product, check and confirm whether the installation of each mold and fixture is normal

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