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Pipe bending machine is a machine that can bend pipes. This machine can be used for plastic pipes, steel pipes, or aluminum alloy pipes. In short, it can bend and shape various types of pipes, and can be used in many situations, such as in the construction of power plants, highways, and even ships, So its use is also quite common in our daily lives. So what should we pay attention to when using it?
Pipe bending machine
1. Firstly, before using the pipe bending machine, we need to inspect all parts of the machine to ensure that it is used under normal conditions. We can apply lubricating oil to some frequently used areas, which can make them more flexible during use. We can put the other auxiliary tools we use aside and arrange them neatly, so that we can easily handle them when using them.

2. The staff must complete the work with a serious attitude when operating the pipe bending machine, as this machine requires two people to work together, and these two people need to maintain a high level of tacit cooperation, so that the machine can ensure accuracy during operation. Therefore, these two operators cannot communicate with other staff during work, which may hinder the machine's operation.

3. When using a pipe bending machine, we are likely to use gas. When using gas, we need to first open the furnace door of the gas and diffuse the media left over from the previous time before igniting it, because this can avoid some unnecessary dangers.

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