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What is the working principle of single head hydraulic cnc pipe bending machine

The single head hydraulic cnc pipe bending machine could be a new elbow tool with elbow perform and lifting perform. you'll be able to bend all types of pipes to the situation you would like to attain. The pipe bender has several blessings, like cheap structure, safe use, convenient operation, cheap worth, quick loading and unloading, multi-purpose and thus on. It occupies an over-sized share within the domestic market of hydraulic pipe bending machine.
1. The working rule and general structure of cnc pipe bending machine, single head pipe bending machine is usually composed of an electrical pump, a aggressive oil pipe, a fast connection, a operating oil cylinder, a plunger, a pipe bending element (including the higher flower plate, the lower flower plate, a die, a roller shaft). The aggressive oil output from the electrical pump is fed into the operating cylinder through the aggressive oil pipe. The aggressive oil pushes the plunger within the operating cylinder to provide thrust and bends the pipe through the elbow elements.
2. Hydraulic pipe bending machine are appropriate for piping and repairing in factories, warehouses, wharf, buildings, railways, cars, etc. Besides the perform of bending pipe, it also can unload the bending pipe element (cylinder) as a separate hydraulic lifting machine.

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