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What is the principle of pipe bending machine pusher?

Suzhou Wonsten is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of China pipe bending machine and cnc automatic pipe bending machine. The analysis of the driving device of the pipe bending machine is as follows: The driving device is the power source of the pushing device.

The straightening roller first prevents deformation in the vertical direction during the bending process, and cooperates with the floating anti-elliptical clamp to ensure that the ellipticity of the bent steel pipe meets the requirements; the curved arm functions to ensure that the bending radius of the curved pipe meets the requirements, and the clamping seat is The steel pipe is restrained from rebounding during the bending process; the guiding roller device has two sets of guiding rollers and a frame and a clamping transmission system, and the guiding roller opening and closing is completed by hydraulic driving, and the function is to complete the horizontal bending of the steel pipe together with the bending arm. .

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