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With the rapid development of technological progress, the forms of CNC pipe bending machines are gradually diversified, and the characteristics of elbows are also greatly improved. Micro computer, single chip microcomputer design, program controller, excellent communication AC servo control system and the application of new hydraulic machine electronic devices and hydraulic machine technology make the role of CNC pipe bender increasingly sound. The CNC pipe bending machine will be the key machine equipment for contemporary elbow production and manufacturing.

During the entire process of rolling steel parts on a CNC pipe bending machine, the rolled steel parts are bent due to uneven surface strength under the action of external forces. The rotation management center for bending is located at a high altitude, bearing too much rolling pressure and causing significant plastic deformation, which further expands the bending level of steel components. This issue is particularly prominent when using special tools for stiffness rolling.

Today, let's talk about the load interaction force of CNC pipe bending machines? When the CNC pipe bending machine bends, the car is pulled forward by the water pipe as a load, in order to improve the bending and prevent a part of the wall thickness of the water pipe from being too thin, reducing the rebound force, and improving the propulsion equipment.

When bending, the pressure film not only clamps the water pipe tightly, but also is pushed forward by the driving force to generate a lateral thrust to assist in bending. The elbow arm and bending spindle bearings are connected into an integrated system, the elbow bending mold shaft can be disassembled and replaced, and the clamping mold can be used for up, down, left, and right fitness exercises. This not only ensures reasonable configuration, improves the compressive strength of some mechanical equipment, but also simplifies the construction, thereby simplifying the electrical equipment route. There are many manufacturing industries in which CNC pipe bending machines are used, with key applications in the decoration industry, shipbuilding industry, power construction, high-speed rail construction, heating furnaces, highway bridges, ships, and pipeline laying and renovation.

Proper practical operation of CNC pipe bending machines can ensure the safety of workers' lives and is very beneficial for increasing the service life of CNC pipe bending machines. The elbow not only prevents the car from colliding with the pressure film, ensuring the successful completion of the final bend, but also reduces the clamping damage of the material head and reduces the cost.

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