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 The pipe bending machine is mainly used for pipeline laying and repair in power construction, public railway construction, boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration, etc. It has the advantages of multiple functions, reasonable structure, simple operation, convenient movement, and fast installation. The pipe bending machines produced by Taihe Machinery not only have the function of bending pipes, but also can use the oil cylinder as a hydraulic jack, which is cheap and convenient to use, occupying the leading product position in the domestic pipe bending machine market.

In the traditional production process of pipe bending machines, enterprises will adopt many methods to achieve better surface quality of pipes, including using more advanced and high-end pipe bending machines, using higher strength molds, or using lubricating products. By using high-end pipe bending machines and high-strength molds, enterprises often need to invest a lot of money to complete. Only by using pipe bending lubrication products can they achieve the quality requirements of the enterprise's products at a relatively low cost and quickly. However, in traditional production processes, oil-based bend pipe lubrication products can meet the quality requirements of enterprises in bend pipe production. However, the difficulty in cleaning and environmental pollution of oil-based bend pipe lubrication products are particularly prominent. Therefore, enterprises must adopt more means to eliminate the impact of using oil-based bend pipe lubrication products on the final product quality, and invest more energy and funds in this regard. The arrival of IRMCO elbow water-based lubricating grease not only meets the quality requirements of enterprises for elbow products, but also avoids and reduces the increased investment caused by the use of oil-based elbow lubricating products, completely optimizing the production process of enterprises.

In the application process of traditional oil-based lubrication products, the production efficiency of enterprises is constrained because the fluidity and difficulty in cleaning of oil-based lubrication products have caused pollution to the production environment and workers' working conditions. Eliminating these pollutants often requires a large amount of money and manpower resources. The adoption can reduce or even avoid the human and material costs of cleaning pollution for enterprises, and its washing free and direct welding characteristics greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality of enterprises. The usage of IRMCO water-based bending grease can usually be reduced by 50% -80% compared to traditional lubricants, which can save more costs for enterprises.

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