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What is the difference between a servo-driven pipe bending machine and a hydraulic tube bending machine?

With the development of science and technology, and the machine tool products of the pipe processing machinery industry, there has also been a leap forward in reform and renewal, which is due to the demand for pipe bending machine processing machinery and equipment industry in recent years. In recent years, with the progress and development of China's society, the development of many related supporting facilities in the machine tool industry such as pipe bending machine, pipe cutting machine, tube shrinking machine and other pipe processing equipment, in the face of many years of scientific and technological research and development innovation, bending Development of machine, automatic pipe bending machine and CNC pipe bending machine.

However, it is now in the era of great changes and great development of China's CNC machine tool industry. Under the current economic situation, we will grasp the direction of the situation and give a detailed analysis of the impact of the CNC machine tool industry and the future development trend, whether it is for CNC machine tools in China. The long-term development of the industry is still a positive guiding role for the breakthrough of the CNC machine tool industry in specific work. Today, let's talk about the difference between servo drive automation and hydraulic system control pipe bender.

The use of a servo motor is not completely problem-free. If there is a problem, the trouble can be big. First of all, we have to cost the system under the pipe bending machine. It is best to choose several famous brands from abroad. Because of its high stability, our CNC pipe bending machine is aimed at For high-end products, products with high requirements for elbows. More attention should be paid to the error of the bend angle and the accuracy of the feed accuracy.

In response to this situation, in order to meet the requirements of different needs of customers, on the basis of the ordinary type, the improvement is specific, the curved elbow arm is bent at a certain angle, the servo motor is mounted on the plane of the bender, and the rail trolley is installed and clamped. The oil cylinder clamps the pipe and then uses the servo motor to push the pipe to bend. The name of the equipment is called automatic pipe bending machine.

The main market positioning of the pusher is to put it in a special customer base. In the face of the market share with the automatic pipe bender or manual, it accounts for less than 2% of the total market. In the face of such sales, perhaps Our market positioning is not clear enough, or because of its price relationship, many customers will invest in automatic pipe bending machines when making choices, or simply choose a rounding machine.

After the automatic numerical control market of the metal circular saw machine, can our cnc hydraulic pipe bending machine stand still like the past? In the next few years, there may not be much change, but the development of the CNC market is already a trend. In the future, the hydraulic pipe bender can not be buried by the market like the ordinary pipe cutter. This year, our company's hydraulic pipe bending machine sales are still the highest percentage of the company's total sales, and even accounted for more than half of the total sales. From a situation, our hydraulic equipment semi-automatic pipe bending machine series will be very important in the next few years. market expectation.

For the ordinary hydraulic pipe bending machine, the customer base is completely different from the customer group of the automatic pipe bending machine. One is for the high-end customer group, and the other is for the general majority market group. In the market, the concept of demand is different. In the customer group that chooses automatic machine tools, the price problem of fully automatic equipment is not considered. What is necessary is the quality of the products and the stability of the equipment performance, so we are in the concept of product manufacturing. The same is true for high-end machine tools. We only target high-end customer groups. In the same product field, we do not produce low-end products. The technological content of products differs depending on the groups they are involved in.

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