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The pipe bending machine has a variety of practical operation methods, such as dynamic, automatic, CNC machine tools, and can have a mandrel and no mandrel actual operation with active feeding and around feeding and other different manipulation of the specified places. Moreover, it can translate the production and processing data information filled by the operator into a standardized country code process flow to a specific process flow number. It can save the calculation time of system software and improve the efficiency of production and processing. Reclamp can be performed according to the operator's requirements at specific turn numbers. Personalized page design practical operation, only need to type to match the bending of the feed amount, rotation Angle, bending Angle, and compensation amount of production and processing rate can be.
CNC machine bending machine in the rapid development trend of industrial development from the end of the 1980s to now, infrastructure construction of industrial plants, machinery and equipment, transportation facilities requirements greatly improved, bending machine a variety of metal hose requirements have been far from can be considered, a lot of metal hose appearance provisions also continue to be complex, Then the control system design and development design, etc., the traditional two-dimensional pipe bending machine has long been unable to meet the complex industrial production, now to use three-dimensional pipe bending machine, in this case slowly developed and designed mature: the use of programmable design control board in the automatic control system of pipe bending machine to complex regulations of the elbow system software to show technical assurance. Up to now, because of the popularity of China's air conditioning, car and other manufacturing industries, the requirements of the bending machine are changed from quantity to quality, so the same pitting the technological leap of the bending machine, CNC machining technology has finally been introduced to the bending machine manufacturing industry, CNC machine intervention is a technological revolution in the bending industry. No matter from the elbow speed, the precision is very good.

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