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The bending of pipe fittings by the pipe bending machine is the same as the bending of steel plates. Under the condition of pure bending, when the water pipe with diameter D and wall thickness t is generated by the external torque M, the wall thickness on both sides of the weak acid layer is subject to tensile crustal stress σ 1. Efficacy, softening; Tensile crustal stress of inner and lateral wall thickness of weak acid layer σ 1 effect, thickening of wall thickness. And the appearance of the cross-section changes from a circular shape to an elliptical shape due to the combined forces of F1 and F2. When the deformation is too much, the wall thickness on both sides will cause cracks, and the inner wall thickness will appear wrinkled.

The deformation level of pipe fittings lies in the size of the relative bending half diameter R/D and relative thickness t/D values, and the smaller the R/D and t/D values, the greater the expression of deformation level. To ensure the quality of pipe forming, it is necessary to control the deformation level within the approved range. The bending forming limit of pipe fittings not only depends on the physical properties and bending method of the raw material, but also takes into account the application regulations of the pipe. The forming limit of pipes should include many aspects as follows: (1) the stretching deformation on both sides of the weak acidic layer in residential areas, and the large stretching deformation does not exceed the plastic deformation control value and cause cracking; (2) In the weak acid layer, the inner side of the deformation residential area shrinks, and a part of the thick wall structure with the effect of tangential pressure crustal stress is not too stable to wrinkle; (3) If there is a requirement for ovality, manipulate its cross-section to cause deformation; (4) If there is a specified compressive strength for the pipe to bear internal working pressure, the forming limit for reducing its wall thickness is controlled.

The CNC lathe in the pipe bending machine must have an excellent grounding device, and the transmission line cannot be less than 4mm2 copper wire. It is not allowed to connect the working voltage of the switch power supply that exceeds the required range. It is not allowed to plug or unplug software with power, and it is not allowed to use a megohmmeter to test the control circuit, otherwise it will be damaged.

When inserting the connector, it is not allowed to pull or unplug the transmission line or cable to prevent welding and detachment. Proximity switches, servo motors, etc. should not be collided with hard blocks. Do not use sharp objects to impact the display information module.

The hydraulic pipe bending machine is a portable on-site construction four column hydraulic tool used for pipeline construction, which has the characteristics of being delicate, lightweight, easy to move, and can be dismantled. 1. Suitable for cold drawing various seamless pipes, this equipment not only has the function of elbow, but also can be used as an hydraulic jack after collapse. It is mainly used for electric construction, heating furnaces, highway bridges, ships, furniture, highway and railway construction, decoration and other aspects of pipeline laying and repair. It has advantages such as multiple functions, reasonable configuration, convenient use, convenient movement, and rapid installation.

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