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Pipe bending machine is gradually becoming more and more widespread in our daily use. Many people are using this machine for the first time. They may not have a deep understanding of this machine, or they just know that this machine can bend and deform the pipe to achieve a stereotyped effect. So they need to know some common sense so that they can use the pipe bender correctly.

We need to adjust the pipe bending machine when it is in use. We can adjust this adjustment manually or by using some machines. This adjustment is to adjust the stroke, when adjusting the stroke, we should test it, that is, when the machine bends the pipe to adjust. When the machine is working from the top down, it must keep a certain space in the lowest part. This space can protect the machine and the mold from being damaged. And when the machine is working, we must set up warning signs around the machine, because the machine can not be very conspicuous around the machine when it is working, because it is likely to hurt others.
Control panel needs a key to open when it is switched on. Because this control panel is an important device, ordinary people can not casually touch. Because of careless touch, it will cause the machine to work, some of its already adjusted programs will be destroyed. When we use the machine, we should first switch on the power supply and then start the oil pump. However, the pipe bender will not work immediately at this time, it needs to work when the oil pump rotates for a while. At this time, we can also check whether the machine has other anomalies.

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