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What is the cause of the failure of pipe bending machine motor and how to eliminate it?

1. CNC Tube Bender motor failure cause 1 When the bending machine motor is repaired, the stator winding turns are reduced too much; 2 The power supply voltage is too high; 3Y the bending machine motor is misconnected to Δ; 4 The bending machine motor is assembled The rotor is reversed, so that the stator core is not aligned, and the effective length is shortened; 5 the air gap is too large or uneven; 6 When the old winding is removed, the thermal splitting method is improperly used to burn the iron core.

2, troubleshooting 1 rewind the stator winding, restore the correct number of turns; 2 try to restore the rated voltage; 3 bend the motor to Y; 4 re-assembly; 5 replace the new rotor or adjust the air gap; 6 repair the core or re- Calculate the windings and increase the number of turns as appropriate. The Jiejie mechanical pipe bending equipment adopts the domestic advanced Far East motor. The safety and reliability failure rate is extremely low.

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