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With the continuous development of science and technology, the types of three-dimensional numerical control pipe benders have become increasingly diversified, and the pipe bending performance has also been greatly improved. The application of microcomputers, single-chip computers, programmable controllers, advanced AC servo systems, new hydraulic components and hydraulic technology makes the functions of three-dimensional CNC pipe bending machines more perfect. And CNC 3D CNC pipe bending machine will be the main equipment of modern pipe production.

During the rolling process of the workpiece by the 3D CNC pipe bender, the rolled workpiece is bent due to uneven hardness of the surface layer under the effect of external force. The bending rotation center is high, and the rolling pressure is large, and the plastic deformation is also large, so that the degree of bending of the workpiece is further increased. This phenomenon is particularly prominent when rigid rolling tools are used.

Today, our experts from Taiwan and Machinery mainly talk to you, what is the load force of 3D CNC pipe bending machine bending? When the three-dimensional numerical control pipe bender is bent, the trolley is used as a load to be pulled forward by the pipe. In order to improve the bending, avoid excessively thinning the wall thickness of the bent part of the pipe, reduce springback, and add a booster device.

When bending, the die not only compresses the tube, but is pushed forward by the boosting force to form a side thrust to assist the bend. The pipe bending arm and the bending main shaft are integrated into one body, the pipe bending die shaft can be replaced, and the clamping die moves up and down. This not only has a reasonable structure, increases the strength of the mechanical part, but also has a simple structure, which simplifies the electrical circuit. There are many industries where 3D CNC pipe benders are applied, mainly in the decoration industry, automotive industry, power construction, railway construction, boilers, bridges, ships, and pipeline laying and transformation.

Correctly operating the 3D CNC pipe bender can ensure the personal safety of the operator, and is very conducive to extending the service life of the 3D CNC pipe bender. The pipe bend not only avoids the collision between the trolley and the die, ensures the successful completion of the last bend, but also reduces the material head clamping loss and reduces the production cost.

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