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What is hydraulic working principle structure of Pipe bending machine

The layout of pipe bending machine should ensure the convenience of feeding, setting, unloading and collecting waste. The processing of small parts is to prevent the operator's fingers, wrists or other parts of the body from reaching the mold area. Regarding the processing of large parts when the operator has to manually work in the mold. It is necessary to reduce the planning of the mold, and to shorten the time that a part of the body stays in the mold, and to clarify the necessary protection methods and equipment for the mold danger zone of cnc automatic tube bender.

The hydraulic pipe bending machine is a two-cylinder parallel push hydraulic pusher. The pump station adopts the integrated connection mode and the repair is simple. The pump box is divided into two parts. The primary fuel tank is used for the cleaning plan of the filter. When the main filter is cleaned, the fuel tank is separated from the main connection of the main ft door, the fuel tank of the auxiliary fuel tank is released, and the oil pump is turned into the fat blue. Remove the filter and clean the filter with gasoline or diesel. The original device can be returned.

What is the efficiency of the pipe bender, the key is the laser processing skills; and the fine laser processing skills of the bender can process a variety of workpieces, because it does not need to be in direct contact with the cut workpiece during the cutting time. Therefore, the high-energy laser beam generated by the bender can move freely, so that the appearance of the cut workpiece is evenly heated, so the precision of cutting is very high; and the fine laser processing skill can cut all the workpiece data. Whether it is high melting point, high brittleness and high hardness, and the cutting effect is very good; because of the fine laser processing skills of the bending machine, it is very popular among users.

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