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With the use of elbow machines and hydraulically controlled hydraulic presses for too long, the transmission mechanism components are gradually aging. In order to find out the cause, it is necessary to master the machine of the CNC pipe bending machine. Regarding the production and processing of pipe bending with strong difficulty factors, how to improve the dimensional accuracy of the bending, and how to handle the manufacturing deviation and focus errors in the bending process?
1. Generally, if there is a deviation in the focus point of the elbow, first check whether the elbow focus control board and servo motor are damaged and secure. When removing the servo motor problem, check whether the elbow arm is abraded, if the elbow has a deviation, if the temperature is too high, and if the bending speed is uneven.

2. The pipe bending equipment has a wide variety of wounds, which can process all metal sheets with high cutting speed and high efficiency. The cutting speed can reach above 10m/min. Underwater installation can eliminate environmental pollution caused by noise, smoke, harmful substances, and electro-light generated by plasma cutting machines, and effectively change the office environment.
3. In the pipe bending processing and manufacturing industry, the backbone of commodity sales still takes the hydraulic transmission system as the equipment core hydraulic power unit. Over the past 20 years, everyone has gradually improved the pipe bending, cutting, pipe end and tail forming and other processing processes of the machine. The technological revolution has been continuously promoted, and the optimization and upgrading of the computer operating systems of pipe bending machines and CNC machine tools have been carried out in industry fields such as man-machine exchange.
4. Using our own pipe benders in bus exhaust pipes is still difficult to achieve dimensional accuracy. Automatic loading and unloading and automatic corner positioning are carried out through precise human measurement, making it difficult to achieve high precision and quality improvement to a certain extent. However, in the past decade, the trend of proletarian revolution in pipe bending processing technology has been separated from traditional CNC pipe benders. Compared with pipe benders 20 years ago, today's pipe benders are still difficult to achieve, There are still significant developments at many technical levels.
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