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Pipe bending machine is a kind of mechanical equipment with reasonable structure, convenient operation and various functions. Compared with CNC bending equipment, the price is cheap, easy to use, in the current domestic bending equipment market occupies a dominant position. Is a kind of efficient processing machinery equipment. Therefore, in order to the safety of the operator and the smooth progress of the work, the use of pipe bending machine needs to pay attention to the relevant matters.

When the pipe bender is working, it should be noted that all operators are not allowed to enter the space scope of the boom rotation and pipe fitting scanning, so as to avoid unnecessary safety accidents. Hydraulic system selection of hydraulic oil is specific, the general operator needs to replace the hydraulic oil once a year, at the same time cleaning the oil filter.

If the mold needs to be adjusted when the pipe bender is working, only one operator can operate at the same time, avoiding the operation of two people, that is, if the adjutor presses the button and operates by himself, do not let others control the operating cabinet or machine tool, which is prone to danger.When the pipe bender is working, the pressure of the hydraulic system shall not exceed the specified value. 

When adjusting the machine tool or empty car, the core rod should be unloaded. If it is in manual operation, the pushing speed shall not be greater than the linear speed of the rotating die edge, otherwise it will have an adverse effect on the mechanical equipment. The user should check the tightening degree of the chain regularly when using, and the upper and lower chain should be tightened consistently.

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