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A pipe bending machine is a mechanical equipment used to bend pipes. When processing sheet metal, even for the same brand of sheet metal, there may be some differences in mechanical properties. When using the same mold and punch to enter the concave mold for depth and working hours, the pipe bending machine can also cause changes in the angle of bending.

With the development of society and industrial progress, the automation level of pipe bending machines is gradually improving. On the premise of meeting the requirements of stiffness and strength, the design is also being simplified as much as possible. In order to make the structure more lightweight and save equipment production costs, but at the same time, simplification will also encounter some problems.

When encountering problems with the simplified structure of the pipe bending machine, the slider and workbench may experience certain deflection deformation during the processing of the sheet metal, resulting in a decrease in processing accuracy and uneven bending of the processed parts. Therefore, users need to use auxiliary facilities to ensure processing accuracy in this issue.

Generally speaking, in order to ensure the processing accuracy of the simplified Press brake, it is necessary to arrange auxiliary hydraulic cylinders on the workbench or sliding block of the Press brake to reduce the deflection in the positive direction. The auxiliary hydraulic cylinder added to the workpiece during processing will feed oil, and at the same time, it will generate a deflection on the workbench in the same direction as the slider deflection, thereby offsetting the previous deflection deformation.

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