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What are the factors that affect the quality of cnc pipe bending machine?

1. When cnc pipe bending machine is purely bent, the outer tension of the neutral layer of the elbow is thinned under the influence of the external force, and the inner pressure is thickened by the action of this, and the cross section of the pipe is due to the resultant force. A change has occurred, causing a drop in the quality of the bend.
2. When the elbow is bent, the outer tensile force becomes thicker and the inner pressure becomes thinner. The orientation and the way of bending are different. In the process of compression and bending, the neutral axis is at a third of the distance from the outer wall. When working in the cornering, the neutral axis is at two-thirds of the distance from the outer wall. It can be seen that the use of the method of turning is beneficial for bending thin-walled pipes.
3, the accuracy of the bending tire is one of the reasons that can directly determine the quality of the bending tube, when making the bending tire, the size must be controlled within the specified range.
4. There are two reasons for the impact on the quality of the bent pipe: the bending property of the bent pipe itself, and the degree of corrosion of the curved pipe surface. At the time of operation, the staff must first know which raw materials are processed, and have an understanding of the processing performance, especially the degree of corrosion of the surface.

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