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The induction heating pipe bending machine is a new type of pipe bending tool with pipe bending function and jacking function. It has many advantages, such as reasonable structure, safe operation, convenient operation, reasonable price, fast loading and unloading, and multiple functions. It has a large market share in the country. Before the machine operation of the pipe bending equipment, promise no-load operation. After the normal operation is recognized, the pipe bend is set. The pipe mold should be selected according to the processed pipe diameter and placed in order. During operation, non-operating and auxiliary personnel are not allowed to stay and watch near the machine. After the operation, the power supply should be blocked, the electrical box should be locked, and the well should be well maintained.  
The initial interval between the machining jaws of induction heating pipe bending machine is slightly larger than the sum of the jaw interval after upsetting, the top stroke of the pipe bending machining and the burning allowance. It is generally said that the thickness of the steel strip produced by pipe bending is larger, and the initial gap between the jaws is also larger; the width of the steel strip is larger, and the initial gap between the jaws is also larger. The gap between the jaws of the pipe bending machine is selected according to the thickness of the strip. If the machining interval of the pipe bending is too large, it will simply cause lap welding and change. If the interval is too small, the temperature difference along the welding section will be large. The thinner the steel strip processed by the pipe bending machine is, the smaller the jaw interval should be after upsetting. Regarding steel strips with a thickness of 2-4.5 mm, pipe bending machining usually selects an upsetting jaw spacing of 12-18 mm.

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