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Today, with the gradual prosperity of high-tech technology, pipe bending machines and equipment have become increasingly sophisticated and stable in terms of quality and technology in pipe processing equipment such as hydraulic press pipe benders, automatic pipe benders, laser pipe cutting machines, and their screwing presses. It is not easy as in the past because we are exploring the emergence of a new product and new technology application, so the stable characteristics of the equipment are analogically sensitive.
However, today's pipe production equipment is all in a stable and routine state, so after purchasing a CNC lathe, you only need to carefully maintain the CNC lathe, which can be used for a long time. But what difficulties do elbow opportunities often present in daily applications? Generally, there are hydraulic presses that present difficulties, because when the equipment is used for elbows, selecting a metal circular saw for laser cutting of pipe fittings will leave many small iron pins.

"If this iron pin is not cleaned, it can be immediately produced and processed into an elbow. Many abrasive tools are bent with a mandrel, which may exhibit wrinkling or collapse due to the fear of insufficient fullness.". "That way, when the pipe bender inserts the pipe into the mandrel, this small iron pin will fall out, and the iron pin that has not been settled will fall into the car oil tank inside the housing. Everyone knows that the hydraulic press pipe bender uses a gasoline pump to type in gear oil and rely on a relay to show the driving force of the hydraulic press.".
Therefore, after entering the fuel tank of a car, most of these iron pins will be filtered out by the filter screen inside the fuel inlet and outlet pipes. However, a small proportion of iron pins will enter the gasoline pump, so that the iron pins that are sucked into the fuel inlet pump will enter the relay. However, this kind of iron pin cannot be themed in the relay, resulting in clogging of the hydraulic solenoid valve, "The gear oil can't exhibit a matching posture like the theme activity, resulting in the inability of the hydraulic press pipe bender to work properly.".

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