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Pipe bending machine is mainly used in power construction, railway construction, boilers, Bridges, ships and other aspects of pipeline laying and repair, is the leading product in the domestic pipe bending machine market. There are different types of pipe bending machines in applications, such as CNC pipe bending machines and hydraulic pipe bending machines. The same type of bending machine also has different parts, such as the use of servo CNC synchronization or the use of torsion axis synchronization, the use of different parts in the structure and work efficiency are different. This article briefly introduces the differences between the two types of synchronization.
The structure of the bending machine that adopts servo CNC synchronization and torsion axis synchronization to ensure synchronization on both sides of the bending slider is different. The bending machine that adopts torsion axis synchronization mainly relies on the mechanical balance shaft to force synchronization. The accuracy of this synchronization is low, there is no feedback of any error, and the load resistance is poor. Mainly rely on the two sides of the servo synchronous proportional valve synchronization, this synchronization in the error will be real-time feedback, the user can grasp the error situation in time, and the accuracy of this synchronization is high, strong load resistance.
In addition to the different synchronization structure, the work efficiency of the bending machine is also different when using these two kinds of synchronization. The working efficiency of the bending machine using servo CNC synchronization is higher, because the opening height of the slider is digitally controlled by the grating ruler, which does not need to return to the highest point every time it is opened like the slider of the twisted shaft synchronous bending machine. The opening height of the sliding block of the twisted shaft synchronous bending machine is fixed, so the servo CNC synchronous bending machine effectively saves time and improves work efficiency.
To sum up, the overall effect of the bending machine in the use of servo CNC synchronization than the use of torsion shaft synchronization is better, the integration of the CNC system software is high, the operator can be more intuitive and convenient to process the required workpiece, the operation is relatively simple.

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