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During the processing of various types of pipe bending machines, there may be some defects such as: rebound at the bend corners, wrinkles, bulges and drag marks on the bends.

trap. The existence of elbow defects will have a great negative impact on the quality of bent pipe fittings. The thinner wall thickness will inevitably reduce the ability of the pipe to withstand internal pressure.

Affects its performance; distortion of the cross-sectional shape of the curved pipe may cause a reduction in the cross-sectional area on the one hand, and increase the resistance to fluid flow, on the other hand

Affects the functional effect of the pipe in the structure. In addition to the research and development of various types of pipe bending machines, Taihe Machinery will also study the components of various types of pipe bending machines.

Causes and countermeasures of defects such as wrinkles, bulges, and drags on the bent pipe due to incorrect position adjustment.

Processing technology of cooling water pipe bend

以 Take the automobile cooling water pipe as an example. As shown in Figure 1, one end of the water pipe is connected to the engine head water jacket, and the other end is connected to the radiator water inlet. The entire water pipe consists of

The main pipe 1, the main pipe 2 and the auxiliary pipe 3 are composed, and the two main pipes are connected by a hose.

Defects and research countermeasures

的 The causes and countermeasures of wrinkles, bulges and drags in the pipe bending process of pipe bending machine

The position adjustment is not correct and some shape defects will appear. Now we will summarize the various shape defects, the causes and corresponding countermeasures in the bending process, as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1 Various shape defects, causes and corresponding countermeasures of elbows

Problem: Raised tube ends

Reason: Heart stick is too far ahead

Countermeasure: Adjust the stick back to the proper position

Problem: Wrinkles at the bends

Reasons: ① The pipe fittings are thin without the back mold. ② The guide mold is not placed in the diameter mold. ③ The inclination of the back mold is too oblique. ④ The guide mold is not pressed tightly. ⑤ After the mold loss



① Add rear guide mold. ② Adjust the center position of the guide mold. ③ Adjust the slope of the guide mold. ④ The guide die is forced forward. ⑤ Re-modify the guide mold.

Problem: Bending on the outside will bulge

Reasons: ① The clamping force of the guide mold is too large. ② The distance between the two balls of the heart stick is too large. ③ The pipe material is too thin or inappropriate.

Countermeasures: ①Relax the guide mold ②Replace ball core (smaller distance) ③Change pipe material

Problem: The outside of the bend is flat and there are severe drag marks on the grip

Reasons: ① The clamping force of the clamp is not enough. ② The resistance is sufficient without lubrication. ③ The guiding mold holding force is too large, which makes the clamping mold slide.

Countermeasures: ① Increase clamping force. ② Increase the lubricating oil. ③ Adjust the position of the guide mold, rear guide mold, ball core, etc.

Problem: Deep scratches on curved back end

Reasons: ① The slope of the rear guide die is not enough. ②Insufficient lubricant.

Countermeasure: ① The slope of the guide mold after adjustment is about 0.8 to 1.5 °. ② Increase the lubricant.

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