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What are the complex problems facing the metalworking plants of China pipe bending machine?

Metal processing plants that use China pipe bender currently face some complex problems, and the high cost of raw materials makes each piece of blank a must. The quick response and the willingness to change the operation mode of the bending forming section to meet the current needs of the sheet metal processing plant can reduce the preparation time.
This results in greater production capacity and reduced scrap rates. Developing and implementing well-designed Sops, making better use of storage and inventory systems, leveraging machine functionality and leveraging human resources are ways to help bend molding shops increase efficiency and productivity. The CNC pipe bending machine is mainly composed of three parts: mechanical part, hydraulic system and PLC control system. The mechanical part mainly consists of a pipe clamping device, a bending pipe transmission device, a boosting device, a bed body and a bending pipe mold. The working principle of the elbow is as shown in the figure: the elbow mold is fixed on the main shaft and rotates with the main shaft. The tube is fixed on the clamping groove of the fan-shaped elbow mold by the clamping mold, and the movable auxiliary guiding material is controlled by the sliding groove. Attached to the outside of the bend of the tube blank, when the bend mold is rotated by an angle.
The tube is wound around the circumference of the bending die, and the angle of rotation of the bending die is the bending angle. The three-dimensional multi-bend of the same radius realized on one pipe member mainly has three major actions: linear feeding, space rotating pipe and bending pipe.

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