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In our daily life, in fact, it is relatively common for bending pipe processing, but it is not easy to deal with it, and now the probability of using automatic pipe bending machine in industry is relatively large, because using this equipment to process bending pipes can avoid cracks in the processing process, cracks on the elbow, or obvious deformation. Because when the temperature is high, the bend is prone to cracks or deformation, resulting in product deformation. Now let's take a look at the problems that may occur during processing:

1 Crack problem in pipe bending processing: The main reason for the crack is that the steel pipe material has a problem, because the tension of the steel pipe material decreases when the temperature is relatively high, the crack will increase, and some will even damage the automatic pipe bending machine. It is necessary to know that each processing requires multiple bending, and the bending moment of the steel pipe will change at this time. If the material cannot adapt to this change, it will naturally cause bending when the curve centers

2. The change of radian temperature: due to the difference in radian, it will affect the operation of the automatic pipe bending machine and the use of the mold. It is recommended to adjust the bending performance under curved surface conditions, otherwise it is easy to affect the mold cost.

In short, in the process of bending the pipe should also pay attention to the method, because the operation principle of the automatic bending machine is different, the pressure medium will also change. In general, it is recommended to weld the corresponding shell shape first, so that the cost can be reduced in the case of shortening the cycle. Especially for the processing of some large elbows, this method is more simple and effective. 

Of course, before the user's operation, it is necessary to master the use of the automatic pipe bending machine, do not operate blindly, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the equipment, and the bending process will lose its impact.

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