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Two methods for maintenance and maintenance of China Single Head CNC Automatic Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

1. Repair and protection of CNC Pipe Bending Machine.
Every week, dirt and dirt within the machine ought to be sorted out. All electrical cupboards ought to be dustproof and dustproof.
The guideways ought to be frequently tidied, dirt and alternative dust removal, rack to usually scrub, add sleek oil, to confirm sleek and no dust.
Often scrutinize the straightness of the track and also the straightness of the machine, and notice that it's abnormal to shield and right in time.
2, gas path repair and protection.
(1) protection of gas path system
Often check the air system, found that air escape and components which will not be used properly ought to be restricted in time to confirm that the air duct dredging.
Dust and sundries ought to be clean to avoid premature aging of gas path.
(2) protection of pressure reducing valve. learning the pressure reducer, gauge to the desired pressure, learning method ought to create the pressure from little to giant, to confirm that the pressure reducer are often connected learning. If no learning or gas leaks from the regulator, new pressure reducers should get replaced. The components of self folding gas reductor can cause instrumentation injury and even serious bodily injury.
(3) repair of cutting torch for cutting torch.
The cutting torch is created by skilled manufacturer. The cutting torch is employed for an extended time, the waterproofing surface is broken, and also the waterproofing isn't strict with the cutting nozzle. It should be corrected by special tools.
The torch conjointly uses the quality fast cutting nozzle created by the skilled manufacturer. The new cutting nozzle should be checked to be qualified before it are often used.
The North Carolina pipe bending machine is contaminated by cutting nozzle. Special tools square measure wont to organize and heat the flame holes and to chop O channels.
(4) Temper shunning Device is a very important part to confirm safety. in keeping with the wants of the protection part, it's tabu to destroy the temper shunning Device in private. Therefore, the temper avoider when long use of gas resistance, to confirm that the gas flow demand or escape, should get replaced by professionals.

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