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Suzhou Wonsten - Chinese Pipe and Tube Bending Machine Manufacturer

When referring to pipe bending machines, as the name implies, it is a device for bending pipes. With the progress of social mechanization, the use of pipe bending machines has greatly exceeded the past. How about that

Let people know at a glance how the pipe bending machine is composed, and what is the process of pipe bending? The video center column of Taiwan and the website provides a video

Frequency, intuitive, clear tube bending machine video is an important way for many people to understand the tube bending machine, the operation is extremely convenient, fast and accurate.

You can learn from the pipe bending machine video that the pipe bending machine consists of electric oil pump, high pressure oil pipe, quick joint, working cylinder, plunger, pipe bending machine [including upper flower plate, lower flower

Plate, die, roller.

In addition to the pipe bending function, some pipe bending machines can also remove the pipe bending parts (cylinders) as a separate hydraulic jacking machine for mass production or standardization

Production, such as the production of automotive, motorcycle and other parts, such as the production of exhaust pipes, seat cushions, bumpers, sports equipment and all iron pipe furniture.

Zhangjiagang Taihe Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of pipe bending machines, CNC pipe bending machines, hydraulic pipe bending machines, automatic pipe bending machines and other equipment. The company adheres to:

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