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      The analysis about the bending skills of the CNC pipe bender, the pipe fittings are composed of various elbows on the CNC pipe bender, the radius of the bending is determined based on the bending module, and the viewpoint of the bending is based on the elbow Computer program.

    Regarding the bending module and clamping module of the CNC pipe bender, the primary effect is to clamp the pipe fittings. In the future, the pipe fittings will be used to twist around and the zigzag mold between them will bend. The primary effect of the clamping block is that it can overcome the pipe fitting The counter-effect that occurs when you make twists and turns.

    There are three main methods for the tortuous method of CNC pipe bending machine:

    (1) Perform PT operation: This is also the longest method used by CNC elbow machine, clamp the chuck of the CNC elbow machine to the end of the pipe, and move it to a zigzag position, and bend in the future.

    (2) Perform PB operation: This operation method is selected in the process of mandrel bending, and the operation method is the same as PrI1.

    (3) The operation method of GB: This operation is mainly used for slender elbows. The part that needs to be bent is placed in a tortuous position to bend. After loosening the chuck, return it to the next step. Feeding is carried out in the azimuth direction, one bend is completed and the next is carried out, and the rebound compensation value of the CNC bending machine is input.

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