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Three criteria for correctly selecting solenoid valves of China single head hydraulic automatic pipe bender

Selection of solenoid valves for pipe bender
1. The fluid in the applicability pipeline must be consistent with the medium calibrated in the series of solenoid valves selected. The temperature of the fluid must be smaller than the calibration temperature of the solenoid valve. Solenoid valve allows liquid viscosity generally below 20CST, greater than 20CST should be noted. When the working pressure difference is less than 0.04 MPa, the direct-acting and step-by-step direct-acting type such as ZS, W, ZQDF, ZCM series should be selected; when the minimum working pressure difference is greater than 0.04 MPa, the pilot (differential pressure) solenoid valve can be selected; the maximum working pressure difference should be less than the maximum demarcation pressure of solenoid valve; generally solenoid valves are unidirectional, because of This should pay attention to whether there is a reverse pressure difference, if there is a check valve installed. When the fluid cleanliness is not high, the filter should be installed in front of the solenoid valve. Generally, the solenoid valve requires a good cleanliness of the medium. Pay attention to the flow aperture and nozzle aperture; solenoid valve is generally only controlled by two switches; conditions permit the installation of bypass pipe for easy maintenance; water hammer phenomenon to customize the opening and closing time of solenoid valve adjustment. Attention should be paid to the influence of ambient temperature on the solenoid valve power supply current and power consumption should be selected according to the output capacity, power supply voltage is generally allowed to be around + 10%, it must be noted that AC starting VAs higher.
2. Reliable pipe bender solenoid valve is divided into normally closed and normally open two kinds; generally choose normally closed type, power on, power off and close; but in a very short time to choose normally open type when the opening time is very long. Life test, factories generally belong to type test items, to be exact, there is no professional standards for solenoid valves in China, so choose solenoid valve manufacturers carefully. Action time is very short, when frequency is high, generally choose direct acting type, large diameter selects fast series.
3. The safety of the general solenoid valve is not waterproof, when conditions do not permit, please choose waterproof type, factory can be customized. The maximum nominal pressure of solenoid valve must exceed the maximum pressure in the pipeline, otherwise the service life will be shortened or other accidents will occur. All stainless steel type should be used for corrosive liquids, and plastic king (SLF) solenoid valve should be used for strong corrosive liquids. Explosion-proof products must be selected for explosive environment. 4. Economy has a lot of solenoid valves can be used in general, but on the basis of meeting the above three points should choose the most economical products.

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