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The structure of China induction heating pipe bending machine is divided into: main cylinder and support plate, movable push plate, pipe bending clamp wheel, pipe bending rocker arm, pipe bending rocker arm equipped with pipe bending rocker shaft, intermediate frequency transformer adjustment device, intermediate frequency transformer, intermediate frequency power supply , Intelligent control system, console, cooling water circulation system, etc. The pipe bending technology of the pipe bending machine is divided into: the bending radius of the pipe bending must be greater than 2.5D and less than 2.5, and it is manufactured by the elbow push machine. The diameter of the elbow of China tube bending machine is 21-1620, and the wall thickness is 3-100. The stroke of the main cylinder is determined according to the maximum diameter and the maximum bending radius of the elbow required by the customer. The purpose of the pipe bender is a special pipe bending machine for the production of equal-diameter steel pipes of various diameters, especially large-diameter bent steel pipes. The wall thickness and bending radius range of the pipe bending machine are designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

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