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The perfect development of industrial automation not only enhances the development momentum of the industry, but also reduces the burden of human labor in some new areas. The future factory production mode will become more efficient and concise. In fully mechanized production, it will not only improve the industry Standardization of quality is more quality in quality and technology. The level of industry depends on equipment manufacturing, and the level of equipment manufacturing depends on machine tools. How many times this sentence has been questioned, it has been verified again and again. The machine tool is called the "mother of industry", and all module parts in the industry are produced by it. The product quality directly restricts China's industrial development level. The transformation of the manufacturing industry has begun in all directions, and the machine tool industry is really pushed to the forefront.

 "Internet +" is an upgraded version of the integration of the two industries. The Internet is taken as the core feature of the current development of information technology, and it is fully integrated with service industries such as industry, commerce, and finance. The key is innovation. Only innovation can make this + truly valuable and meaningful. Because of this, "Internet +" is considered to be a new form of Internet development and a new business format under Innovation 2.0, and a new form of economic and social development driven by Knowledge Society Innovation 2.0. In popular terms, "Internet +" is "Internet + various traditional industries", but this is not a simple addition of the two. Instead, it uses information and communication technology and the Internet platform to allow the Internet to deeply integrate with traditional industries and create new ones. Develop the ecology and change their production methods and industrial structure with their own strength. "Internet + Industry" has become an important breakthrough for traditional industries such as machine tools.

For the tube bending machine and pipe processing manufacturing industry, in recent years, the global Internet-based development model of products has formed a new round of marketing system, which will completely overturn the traditional business methods in the past. With the vigorous development of the Internet by Taiwan and Machinery, our current product marketing channels are basically based on the Internet for product promotion and marketing, and some sales offices in the past have now transformed into our products. The post-maintenance service point is complemented by online promotion and offline experience. The post-maintenance of the pipe bender products will be arranged by the company directly in the past, and the maintenance service will be more complete and timely.

China is the world's largest machine tool producer and the world's largest importer of high-end machine tools--this reflects a current situation in China's machine tool industry: high-end failure and low-end surplus.

The combination of the pipe bender industry and the Internet will be a long-lasting process; the re-engineering ability of the Internet will give enterprises more innovative challenges. This is not a road that two companies can explore. It requires our entire industry to go hand in hand. Find out what really suits the Chinese machine tool industry, and can quickly catch up with foreign innovation.

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