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In the process of checking the pipe and tube machine, if there is no development of the phenomenon of damage, check the parallelity of a falling block and the workbench, if the use requirements can not be met, you can adjust according to the relevant standard requirements, so that this parallelism can be kept within the permissible range. When using the elbow machine to work, there is likely to be some use error, this time should pay attention to, the elbow machine once the problem will be checked. 

And the first step of inspection is cnc tube bender used in the mold is not wear or damage phenomenon, if this phenomenon causes error, you can replace a mold. At this point, the  adjusts the way the elbow works to the state of "dot adjustment" and then removes the mold in the machine, or some other accessory, so that the slider can stay on the mechanical block and then adjust the pressure gauge to the desired pressure value.  

the specific approach is to compress the head of the scale of the percent in the cnc pipe bending machine by 3-4 mm, step on the foot to raise the system, check the pressure of the pipe bending system or the system load, check the situation of the hundred-point meter time-hand offset, if the specified value can stop the operation. If the elbow mechanism angle still has some error, it may not be because of the mold, or the problem of parallelism, it may be the hydraulic system in the machine tool, the balancing mechanism does not ensure that the pressure oil evenly into the left and right cylinders caused, then it needs to be adjusted.

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