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How to deal with China automatic bending machine       1 bearing too much or too high       2 The oil machine of the curved machine does not contain impurities;       3 bearings and cross or end covered (too much is too tight);       4 eccentric inner hole bearing, rubbing;       5 The electrical end cover of the removal machine or the bearing cover is not flat;       6 Engines and non-optical coupling motors, or adjust belts;       7 Bearing gap is too large or too small;       8 folding motor shaft.       2. Troubleshooting       1 Add oil (1/3-2 / 3) according to regulations;       2 Replace the cleaning of fat and lubricated;       Excessive release can be repaired, and the inner hole is passed through the car, grind the neck or end cap, etc.       4 repair support cover and eliminate cleaning points;       5 reassemble;       6 Re-calibrate, adjust the belt tension;       7 Replace the new bearings;       8 Correct shafts or replace the rotor.

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