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The control system of the CNC pipe bending machine is very important

The control system can make the workers operate the machine more sensitive and convenient; the control system has the function of fault diagnosis. When the machine presents a problem, it can assist the operator and the maintenance personnel to determine the cause of the problem and eliminate the fault returning to normal operation; in the process of bending, the operation The parameters are optional and adjustable, so that the system can be used to the production of different bend products. For different bend products, only some process selection and parameter adjustment are needed without changing the program.

The function of the CNC pipe bending machine is different from that of the general pipe bending machine. It is only more accurate, more efficient and faster. It is mainly used for electric power construction, public railway construction, boiler laying, bridge, ship, furniture, decoration, etc. It has many advantages such as multi-function, reasonable structure, simple operation, convenient movement and fast device.

In addition to the function of the elbow, the machine can also use the cylinder as a hydraulic jack. Compared with the numerical control elbow equipment, it has the characteristics of low price and convenient use, and it has the dominant product orientation in the domestic tube bending machine market.

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