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The control system of Chinese single head cnc automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine

According to the technology, Chinese single head hydraulic pipe bending machine system are often divided into 2 halfs: the most management half and also the auxiliary management part. the most management half principally realizes 3 basic actions, namely, the correct management of three-axis motor: C-axis spindle bending motor, coordinate axis tram feeding motor, B-axis house angle motor. B-axis servo motor with its own progressive encoder to create a semi-closed-loop servo management, as shown within the figure, C-axis, coordinate axis additionally to the semi-closed-loop management, however conjointly by the encoder, grating ruler to create a full closed-loop servo management, as shown within the figure. The auxiliary management half principally completes the auxiliary actions like clamping loosely, clamping loosely, pressing loosely, spindle forward and backward, and a few detector switch data assortment and process. The auxiliary action is completed by mechanism, and also the detector is employed for position detection, come to zero, limit alarm and then on

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