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With the advancement of technology and the increase of labor cost, unmanned factories are gradually popularized worldwide. To build an unmanned factory, the core equipment is CNC machine tools and industrial robots. Digitalization and intelligence in manufacturing are at the core of a new round of industrial revolution, including product innovation, manufacturing technology innovation, and industrial model innovation. Deeply reforming the production mode and industrial form of the manufacturing industry is the core technology of the new industrial revolution.

Today, our experts in Taiwan and machinery talk about the various pipe bending techniques and methods of pipe bending machines for bending various profiles and guide pipes used in aircraft. We know that the numerical control technology of pipe bending machines can not only make the bending quality of catheters. With a reliable guarantee, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved, the appearance of the manual pipe bender has changed. However, due to the complicated spatial geometry of the catheter, it is difficult to accurately express it with design drawings; and it is also very difficult to measure the tubular standard sample, so editing the "pipe bending program" has become the current use of CNC pipe bending New problems to be solved.

At present, the pipe bending program can only be recorded by trial bending one by one-preliminary data-trial bending the entire tube shape-correction data-finally determining the data. In this way, not only a certain number of tubes are scrapped, but also the efficiency is very low.

In order to find a better way to bend the guide pipe of the new pipe bender, we use the vector pipe bending technology of the CNC automatic pipe bender. Based on the vector theory, the center line of each straight segment on the pipe shape is regarded as a series of spaces. Vector, using the basic concepts and operations of vectors, to accurately calculate "incremental tubular data" to control vector pipe benders. The bent pipe can also be automatically inspected, and compared with the standard pipe shape data, the "difference" is calculated, and the "difference" is used to modify the pipe bending program to obtain a new pipe bending program, and then bend the next one. Pipe, this is the basic characteristic of vector pipe bending technology.

The so-called vector is a quantity with size and direction. A directed line segment in geometry is an intuitive vector. From the definition of two vectors being equal, we can know that after moving a vector in parallel, it is still a vector equal to the original vector. So the starting point of the vector can be placed at any point in space.

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