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Technical characteristics of CNC Full automatic hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Main structure of China single head cnc hydraulic automatic pipe bending machine
Full automatic CNC pipe bending machine series commonplace models have one-layer mildew and multi-layer mildew 2 categories: one-layer mildew model includes a total of 7-axis servo control. They are: coordinate axis feed pipe, angle B-axis, C-axis bending pipe, U-axis clamping die, U1-axis guide die, V1-axis guide die auxiliary thrust, V-axis shaft. There square measure Sept. 11 axis servo control for the multi-storey mildew. They are: feed Y axis, transfer B axis, bending C axis, head horizontal displacement X axis, head and down displacement Z axis, clamping U axis, guide U1 axis, auxiliary thrust V1 axis, shaft V axis. It will amplify the tenth axis and also the eleventh axis; the guiding mildew moves the Z1 axis and also the pipe vise to grab the G axis.
Basic characteristics of full automatic single head cnc hydraulic automatic pipe bending machine
All the shafts of the machine square measure controlled by servo motors. The motor servo system supported industrial local area network technology promotes the innovation of bending production instrumentation, permits multi-station bending process to be disbursed at the same time, and reduces material consumption and instrumentation space. The new electrical single head cnc hydraulic automatic pipe bending machine developed by Suzhou Wonsten adopts this technology. the automated feeding, automatic positioning and automatic clamping within the pipe bending method square measure completed by victimization the multi-station building block process technology. the automated CNC pipe bending machine adopts the period of time motion system supported local area network protocol made by Akawa or Siemens power service of Japan, that makes it doable for the method, period of time management, exactness management and digital production of pipe bending.
Main purpose of automatic single head cnc hydraulic automatic pipe bending machine
Automatic numerical management pipe bending machine is especially used for precise pipe bending, which may improve the bending accuracy of pipe. it's typically used for tiny batch, selection and high exactness pipe bending of craft and space vehicle. It will simply understand digital pipe data import, digital bending process, digital measuring and different functions. Full automatic numerical management pipe bending machine is additionally appropriate for tube bending in automotive producing field with high exactness needs, and may win high consistency.

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