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Wonsten -  China pipe and tube bending machine factory and manufacturer

Pipe bending machine is a kind of shearing equipment widely used in machining, it can cut steel plate materials of various thicknesses. The production of the pipe bender is mainly because people need to bend an object and spend a long time, and the aesthetics is not as good as that produced by the machine. Therefore, the pipe bender product is developed to make the object bend more beautiful. The pipe bender is the most common type of machine in our lives. It is mainly used to bend an object, which reduces labor costs in the traditional mode and greatly improves work efficiency.

  The tube bending machine is composed of a driving device, a guide wheel device, a pre-compression device, a rocker arm slewing device, a chuck device, a base, an intermediate frequency power supply, a hydraulic system and other components. The rocker arm rotation device is the core component of the pipe bender. Its function is to bend the heated pipe into a radius that meets the specified requirements, and has the functions of bending, turning, and reducing. The rocker arm slewing device is mainly composed of large slide table, rocker arm drive device, rocker arm, middle slide table, slewing support, small slide table and other components. The rocker arm driving device is installed on the side of the large sliding table, the rocker arm is fixed on the large sliding table through a slewing support, and the middle sliding table is fixed on the rocker arm, changing the position of the large and middle sliding tables, thus adjusting the rotation center and the chuck The distance between the center lines is to adjust the bending radius of the pipe.

   Sharing on the characteristics of the rocker arm slewing device of the large pipe bender:

   1. The return position is driven by hydraulic pressure, with compact structure, large driving force, high reliability, and adjustable rotation speed.

   2. Ball bearing type rotary support is used as the rotary positioning element, which has high rotary accuracy, compact structure, stable operation and long service life.

   Three, the jaw type electromagnetic clutch has high working reliability, low noise when closing, and small structure size. The magnetic clutch is selected to realize the closing and disconnecting of the transmission chain of the rocker arm drive device, so that the overall structure of the rocker arm drive device is small, the performance is reliable, and the operation is stable.

   Fourth, the base, rocker arm, sliding table guide rail, rocker arm drive device housing and other parts are all welded structure, so that the device manufacturing cost is low and the production cycle is short.

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