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Both the platform and the fully automatic pipe bending machine generated by the machine have a modular, open, flexible and unified structure, providing a visual interface and network integration functions, with multi-channel and multi-NC axis functions, suitable for all processes. In addition, high-end hardware such as ultra-high-speed processors using the latest chip technology and optical fiber transmission technology have been applied in the new CNC system, which has greatly improved the performance of the CNC system. The most important thing is that the NC system it is equipped with is more suitable, and the operation interface of this system is very respectable. Today we mainly talk about what is the rolling straightening method of pipe bender?

管 The pipe bender can use the plastic deformation of the metal under the external force during the rolling process to change the internal stress to straighten the shaft and rod workpieces with better rigidity.

During the rolling process of the workpiece by the pipe bender, the rolled workpiece is bent due to uneven hardness of the surface layer under the effect of external force. The bending rotation center is high, and the rolling pressure is large, and the plastic deformation is also large, so that the degree of bending of the workpiece is further increased. This phenomenon is particularly prominent when rigid rolling tools are used.

The method of rolling straightening is to check the radial runout of the workpiece after the first rolling of the workpiece, mark it everywhere, and use a four-jaw chuck to adjust the recess of the workpiece to the height of the turning center of the machine. It is proportional to the size of the workpiece bending, and then rolled a second time, then use a dial indicator and adjust the jaws of the four-jaw chuck to correct the workpiece. Then use a dial indicator to check the bending condition. If it is still bent, use the above method to adjust the workpiece and perform the third rolling until the straightness required by the workpiece is reached.

刀 The length of the knife travel after the second time should be based on the specific situation. Table and mechanical pipe bender experts suggest that rolling straightening is generally performed during the rolling process of the workpiece. This will not only damage the surface of the workpiece, but also cause the outer surface of the workpiece to be rolled uniformly. , So there will be no dead bends, which is convenient for operation.

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