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Pipe bending machine is a widely used equipment, ranging from a small component of a refrigerator to the rolling of underground drainage pipes. It has been innovating independently, and the new pipe bending machine exhibits excellent versatility and many features that can assist employees in operating the equipment more reasonably. Practical operators who grasp the operating characteristics of the new CNC lathe can use this function to improve efficiency. It can store product workpiece specifications and all relevant production and processing information, such as grinding tool model specifications, parts, and sheet metal bending order. Moreover, the role of CNC enables practical operators to store and browse specialized tool libraries, providing convenience for visualizing tool inventory levels. Raw material thickness inspection: When using precision polishing tools, the pipe bending machine can inspect the transformation of raw material thickness and conduct real-time sheet metal bending calculation, thereby reducing the total number of parts with excessive or insufficient sheet metal bending angle. 3D graphic display information and sheet metal bending simulation: With the bending forming of the product workpiece, this function can display the entire process of sheet metal bending on the control panel display screen to prevent raw material damage caused by incorrect forming of the parts.

For the offline programming of the bending machine, the offline programming of the bending machine can save preparation time in advance, as employees do not need to customize the part processing program flow; The part program process can be customized and sent to the pipe bending machine by professional technical personnel.
For practical operation of anti-corrosion pipes, everyone can use a pipe bending machine to carry out bends. The first step is to level the orientation of the pipe fittings on the ground, so that the anti-corrosion pipes are in the grinding tool, base, and wedge. To complete the entire process, two rocker rods (base operated rocker rod, wedge operated rocker rod) are required. When the anti-corrosion pipe is placed properly, the working pressure of the wedge reaches 210bar.

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