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The pipe bending machine is a machine with a wide range of applications, ranging from a small part of a refrigerator to the bending of underground pipes. The upgrading of pipe bending equipment, web slitting machines, pipe cutting machines, and paper pipe machines is the first to be introduced in Japan, and it has earned a lot of dollars in this field. The four little dragons in Southeast Asia also followed Japan's lead, and have performed well in the manufacturing of packaging machinery and equipment and production lines. In the European Community, the pace of upgrading packaging machinery and equipment and production lines in Italy is much faster than other member states. With the improvement of the technical level of various industries, new requirements have been put forward for the accuracy and composite processing technology of pipe bending machines. So how does the tube bending machine sensor affect the performance of the tube bending machine? Table and machinery experts tell you:

The elbow sensor has good abrasion resistance and can work with long cycle, high precision and high stability. Therefore, the pipe bend sensor of the pipe bending machine can be installed by direct welding. The specific method is to weld the elbow sensor directly to the process pipe, which solves the problem of leakage and leakage that may occur during the steam flow measurement process.

In order to solve the problem of leakage and leakage, a type of welded orifice plate has appeared on the market. However, because the orifice plate does not have abrasion resistance, its maintenance period is only one year. Welded orifice plate is to solve the problem of leakage and leakage in steam flow measurement at the cost of loss of measurement accuracy, which is certainly not a good way. Therefore, the welded orifice plate is ultimately not widely accepted. The elbow flowmeter belongs to a differential pressure flow measurement device. It measures the flow by converting the differential pressure signal into an electrical signal through a differential pressure transmitter. The differential pressure transmitter is connected to the elbow sensor through a pressure guiding tube. Due to the existence of the pressure guiding tube, the high temperature and high pressure steam does not directly contact the signal converter (here, the differential pressure transmitter). Therefore, there is no problem that the converter is affected by high temperature and high pressure steam.

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