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How to operate the pipe bending machine to make the arc thinner in daily operations? Believe that this problem has always plagued everyone, the following pipe bender manufacturer-Zhongsi Technology Xiaobian will share with you the arc thinning technique of the lower pipe bending machine.
The speed of boost and push is determined according to the actual situation of the pipe bending, so that it matches the speed of the hydraulic pipe bender. At the same time, it should be checked whether the advance of the mandrel installation is appropriate, and adjustments should be made when it is inappropriate. Based on the bending and cracking of the outer arc of the pipe, the reasons should be carefully analyzed. First, ensure that the pipe has a good heat treatment state, and the weld of the seam steel pipe should not be in the force direction of F1 and F2, that is, do not clamp it directly Die and bending wheel die; Check whether the pressure of the compression die is too large after removing the factors of the pipe material, and adjust it to make the pressure appropriate. For the newly used mandrel, check whether its diameter is too large. If the diameter is too large, it should be ground and ensure that the mandrel and the inner wall of the pipe have good lubrication to reduce the resistance of the elbow and the friction between the inner wall of the pipe and the mandrel. Take appropriate measures to avoid machine jitter. For wrinkling on the inside of the arc, corresponding measures should be taken according to the wrinkling position. If the front tangent point is wrinkled, the mandrel position should be adjusted forward to make the mandrel advance appropriately to achieve reasonable support for the pipe when the pipe is bent; When the rear cutting point is wrinkled, an anti-wrinkle block should be installed, and the anti-wrinkle block should be installed in the correct position, and it can be attached to the platform with the pipe bending machine. Adjust the pressure of the compression mold (wheel) to make the pressure appropriate.

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