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Selection basis of programming language for China pipe bending machine software system

The choice of programming language The management program of the CNC tube bender severally developed by the laboratory is written in a very language. it's a visible platform-based program development tool developed on the idea of early language. visual image may be a thanks to develop a graphical interface. Users not have to be compelled to write a great deal of code to explain the looks of the interface. Instead, simply drag and drop the visually planned objects directly onto the screen in a very visual programming setting. this can be the foremost notable feature. Users cannot solely write a range of applications, however conjointly insert spreadsheets, data processing software package, etc. directly into them. The computer code of the pipe bending machine should initial have an easy and convenient human-computer interaction interface, and show numerous things to be tested and knowledge to be ascertained on the interface. Secondly, it's necessary to finish the communication between the commercial pc and every management unit, that is, the commercial management machine sporadically releases the information acquisition commands to every management unit and reads the information of every management unit. This perform is principally for {the knowledge|the info|the information} acquisition card; produce a info and store the varied collected data for calculation, analysis and preservation. additionally, it supports dynamic knowledge exchange libraries, dynamic link libraries, object linking and embedding, and technology. Dynamic knowledge allows applications to ascertain dynamic electronic communication with different applications, and dynamic link libraries make programs easy to call languages and assembly languages. Or functions, object linking associate degreed embedding techniques enable different numerous based mostly applications to be joined or embedded as associate degree object into an application and manipulated. At a similar time, its event-driven programming mechanism makes the program style simple, intuitive to scan, realizes the human-computer interaction between the user and also the machine, provides operation and show device standing data, and is incredibly convenient to use. additionally, the system has sturdy management capabilities. With knowledge controls and management windows, you'll directly produce or manipulate a formatted info and supply powerful knowledge storage and retrieval capabilities. These characteristics of the language build the look flow of the CNC tube bending machine system software package straightforward and clear, numerous functions area unit convenient to implement, and also the development cycle is brief, that the CNC tube bending machine system software package is written in language.

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