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Process and points for attention of China CNC pipe bending machine

In recent years, cnc pipe bending machine are more and more widely used in the processing of fine pipe fittings, the use of more and more ordinary, which puts forward higher requirements for the accuracy of single head cnc pipe bending machine. So in recent years, this problem has been recognized and valued by more and more people.
(1) reduce the roughness of the workpiece's outer wall.
The surface roughness of the outer wall of the workpiece is related to the surface roughness of the ring groove on the bender wheel, and also to the nature and quality of the pipe. In order to make the workpiece look smoother after machining, the roughness of the outer surface of the bending metal pipe can be guaranteed to meet the requirements of the index as long as proper lubricating oil is applied to the surface of the ring groove on the wheel to reduce the friction between the contacting surfaces during operation.
(2) tube section shape accuracy
The accuracy of pipe section shape depends on the assembly accuracy of pipe bender and the shape accuracy of ring groove on the processing wheel and the reverse deformation wheel. As long as the operator guarantees the position accuracy of the two annular grooves formed on the assembled pipe bender and keeps enough dimension allowance according to the principle of elastic-plastic deformation of materials, the higher section shape accuracy of the pipe can be obtained.
(3) ensure the error limit of bending arc length of pipes.
According to the design drawings of the workpiece, the bending arc length of the metal pipe should be controlled within the precision range specified in the drawings.

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