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Principle of working process of China automatic CNC pipe bending machine

 Suzhou Wonsten a skilled manufacturer of China pipe bending machine. the corporate is found in Nanfeng Development Zone, Zhangjiagang town, the second of the national high one hundred counties. The merchandise embody CNC pipe bending machine, automatic pipe bending machine, hydraulic pipe bending machine, etc. connected pipe process instrumentation. a bit analysis from the traditional bending method, the bending of the pipe is primarily attributed to 3 basic actions, specifically straight feed, area rotation, and bending. Of course, so as to bend a pipe, some bending auxiliary operations area unit needed, like clamping or loosening of the clamping or pressing die, and resetting of the bending die. All bending operations area unit a mixture of those straightforward mechanical actions in a very sure order.

Through an oversized variety of sensible activities, individuals have perfect the movement rules of the elbow, therefore it's potential to attach these straightforward actions in a very sure order and management them to appreciate the mechanization and automation of the bending machine.

The use of numerical management technology not solely ensures the reliable bending quality of the pipe, however additionally greatly improves the assembly potency, therefore dynamical the looks of the hand-bent pipe. However, thanks to the quality of the area pure mathematics of the tubing, it's troublesome to accurately specific it with the planning drawings; and it's quite troublesome to live the hollow commonplace sample, therefore written material the "bending tube program" has become this use of CNC bending New drawback to be solved . At present, the bend program will solely be recorded by bending the take a look at one by one—the initial information—the entire tube shape—correcting the info—and finally decisive the data. during this method, not solely a particular variety of pipes area unit scrapped, however additionally the potency is low.

In order to hunt new strategies, accelerate programming, and even use pc automatic programming to boost this level of CNC bending, the u.  s. Eaton Elmore Leonard developed a computer-controlled numerical management (CNC) vector bending device within the Nineteen Seventies. In recent years, it's been wide adopted by varied aviation engine firms within the West, that more promotes the analysis of domestic automatic pipe bending technology.

Conventional elbows area unit bent employing a set of flexuous dies.

The steps to bend the pipe area unit roughly:

1. Leave the length of the straight section of the primary section and clamp the tube.

2. Bending.

3. Loosen the mould and take away the tube to reset the mould. Check the tube form on the take a look at fixture per the hollow commonplace sample and proper it.

4. Place the tube within the mould and clamp it within the desired form.

5. Bending.

6. Repeat step three till the tube is bent.

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