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Before operation, first check whether the smooth points of the pipe bender are short of oil, whether the motion mechanism is loose, and whether the safety protection installation is reliable, and wait to confirm that the front can be operated. Start the elbow pump, whether the system pressure can adhere to the rule range, if high, damage the hydraulic components, waste power, if too low, affect the work. Adjust the required position and angle of parts. Adjust the positioning of the parts to the required length. Adjust the vertical lifting guide rail so that the iron pipe can be clamped tightly when the guide die pressing cylinder moves. The clamping cylinder can clamp the iron pipe.In normal operation, the workpiece is put into the bending die, the front end is contacted and positioned, and the foot switch is stepped down. When operating the pipe bender, concentrate your mind and stop putting your hands or other objects into the work area. In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button, then turn the twist switch to the manual position and reset it manually. If there is any problem, report for repair in time. After the work, cut off the power supply and do a good job in cleaning and smoothing. CNC pipe bender is mainly used in electric power construction, highway and railway construction, boiler, bridge, ship, furniture, decoration and other aspects of pipeline laying and repair, with many functions, reasonable structure, simple operation, easy to move, fast device and other advantages.This machine not only has the function of bending pipe, but also can use the oil cylinder as the hydraulic jack. Compared with the numerical control bending pipe equipment, it has the characteristics of low price and easy to use, occupying the leading product position in the domestic bending pipe machine market. CNC pipe bender can stop the winding bending of pipe with one bending radius (single mode) or two bending radii (double mode) in cold state. It is widely used in the bending of various pipe fittings and wires in automobile, air conditioning and other industries. Pipe bender is mainly used for plastic forming of pipes.

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